ॐ (Om)

by Indica

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Trance out to the latest offering from Mt. Tamborine's premier Stoner troupe, Indica

With thick flowing grooves and reverb-laden vocals, this track is guaranteed to leave you feeling deliciously green around the gills

Roll one, light one, and ॐ


I am the one who will free your mind
The sacred path that you aim to find
You wander lost in this world so cold
The Earth breathes its' celestial light

Dormant lies the power of eternal bliss
Deep within the heart of the sovereign abyss
I am the one who will free your mind
I am the Earth that you aim to find

The dream of a thousand whispers
Flow through the fields of pain
Now you are screaming softly
You must escape

The journey of hopeless sinners
The bastion of corporate minds
With an elusive future
What am I?


released May 3, 2015
Jayesh Talati - Vocals, Guitar and Cathedral
Josh Dawson - Bass and Flange
Craig Ferguson - Atmospherics and Effects
Kane Nadasdy - Drums

Rhys Tyack - Recording, Preliminary Mixing & Mastering
Jesse Haywood - "Still The Sex," Secondary Mixing & Mastering
Parveen Talati - Artwork



all rights reserved


Indica Brisbane, Australia

We love slow, heavy, and spiritual music.
We play our own interpretation of the classic sounds laid out before us.
We are Indica.

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