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Misfit1969 thumbnail
Misfit1969 This is some heavy doom. Get mesmerized by the slow grind. Good stuff from Australia! Favorite track: Misanthropic Fervour.
Azazel ♒ 7293
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Azazel ♒ 7293 There is something so pure about Indica that makes me say they have understood everything they had to know about a specific path in life. Where dope and heavy music just make for a cult on their own without betraying some ancient wisdom of life, death and universe as a whole. But man, FUCKING DOOM METAL!!! Favorite track: Misanthropic Fervour.
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors thumbnail
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors Space doom for the altered mental states. A Journey to the center of the psyche... Favorite track: Goat of Mendes.
Steve Rodger
Steve Rodger thumbnail
Steve Rodger Wizards of Oz indica lay down some space doom ( a particular favorite of mine these days ) and do it in some style. If you like Sons Of Otis you will fucking love this..... Favorite track: Blackdoom.
LIZZARD WIZZARD Heavy vibes, tie dyes, when doves cry. Favorite track: Misanthropic Fervour.
S&M Records
S&M Records thumbnail
S&M Records Heavy blackened space doom from Brisbane/Gold Coast Australia! These guys are our new Doom Lords! Big heavy slow riffs with raucus tribal drumming and fuzzed out bass, a new addition to the band adds a psychedelic spaced out feel with his electronic mind fuck sampling. This is a one take 'live studio' recording so don't expect perfection, but I'm excited about what's to come from these guys! For fans of Sabbath, Salem's Pot, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod etc Favorite track: Blackdoom.
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"..Moves like honey, but tastes like tar burnt onto an inch-thick steak.."

Recorded in 1 take across 10 tracks, live as fuck at Little Saigon Studios in the Autumn of 2014

Play loud, or don't.

This is the first exhalation from the bong of transcendence wielded by yours truly. Just like the wake 'n bake we know you indulged in, this will put a sheen on your day, a hazy veil through which all of reality is enhanced.

"Drop into mine with bag in hand
Follow the tones to the res-clogged land"


released May 1, 2014

Jayesh Talati - Guitar Abuse, Vocals
Kane Chambers - Trance-Inducing Drums
Josh Dawson - Bass Frequencies, Artwork
Craig Ferguson - Sounds & Noise

Jesse Haywood - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, "The Sex"
Cameron Harris - Photos, Image editing
Our Dealers - Inhalants, Hallucinogenics



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Indica Brisbane, Australia

We love slow, heavy, and spiritual music.
We play our own interpretation of the classic sounds laid out before us.
We are Indica.

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